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PO Box 559
QLD – 4020
Tel 07 3620 7500
Fax 07 3284 6855
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Charter Mercantile UK

Registered in England No: 2946154
Credit Licence No: 395073

PO Box 60
Surrey GU21 4FJ
Tel 01483 729100
Fax number 01483729101
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Charter BPO Solutions Pvt Ltd INDIA

4th Floor, SDF IT Building, Info park
Kusumagiri P.O., Kakkanad
Kochi, Kerala s
Tel +91 484 3249372
Fax +91 484 2415237
Email: please use contact form


Charter Mercantile Pty Ltd Philippines

7/24 Care 2nd floor
A.D Gothong bldg., IT Centre Subangdaku Mandaue City,
Cebu - 6014



  • To be the world's leading financial services company and to provide hundred percent services to any company in the banking and finance sector
  • To deliver exceptional customer experience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
  • To be the global benchmark in customer services and business process outsourcing