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Within an hour of receiving data, CHARTER is able to have the accounts loaded into our Cosmos collection system, placed into a dialer campaign and calls to your customers commenced using a pre-agreed script. CHARTER is able to work on any part of your portfolio, depending on your requirements. The outcome and results of the calls made would be sent to your office electronically each evening for uploading back into your system.

A successful ‘contact’ is defined as a promise to pay arrangement, right party or third party contact, message left at work, home or mobile. No answers/disconnects/fax lines are filtered out by the dialer and are not charged.

Our reporting and KRA’s cover detailed analysis of all calls, contacts, promises and kept promises across the referred portfolio. Specialised reporting will be designed to your specific requirement.


All calls are recorded and copies of all recordings can be sent to you on a weekly basis for review. Charter has an internal quality and compliance team that monitors every agent on a daily basis to ensure that the agreed compliance and quality standards are met.

Quality and Compliance standards and forms of measurement can be established to equal, mirror and enhance those of your company.


  • To be the world's leading financial services company and to provide hundred percent services to any company in the banking and finance sector
  • To deliver exceptional customer experience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
  • To be the global benchmark in customer services and business process outsourcing