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  1. We source a short list of qualified staff to suit your Role Profile
  2. You interview these candidates via Skype or in person
  3. You choose your candidate and we contract them
  4. We jointly train them with you, to your specifications
  5. You provide an email address, in dial phone extension, that is linked to our VOIP service
  6. We monitor their timesheet, attendance, work outputs, alongside your direct access to their KPI’s
  7. We have monthly reviews with your supervisors, the external staff member, and our manager, to ensure alignment and efficiency.


  • Pre-screened
  • Your choice
  • Pre checked
  • On-time
  • Your hours
  • Always there
  • Easily contacted
  • Process embedded
  • Cost effective

Ethical Consideration

There is an ongoing debate about the outsourcing of Australian jobs, overseas. CMA BPO does not condone the use of “sweat shop“ labour. Our staff are highly paid in comparison to the local expectations, and are provided with a modern working environment similar to that of Australian based offices.

Our BPO centre is designed to facilitate a work overflow for Australian companies, with a blending of booth on-shore and off-shore solutions.


All data is stored on our secure servers in Australia, in a secure and accredited data centre. Off-shore operatives have “thin client” data access, and as such cannot download data.

In addition we constantly audit our systems and activities to ensure data is protected and secured.

ACDBA Code of Practice


  • To be the world's leading financial services company and to provide hundred percent services to any company in the banking and finance sector
  • To deliver exceptional customer experience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
  • To be the global benchmark in customer services and business process outsourcing